Digital Display Boards & Queuing Systems

From the proud scoreboard manufacturer of the 1991 Southeast Asian Games and the ambitious Guinness World Record for the longest marathon basketball game last 2014, Innovatronix boast its efficient and unmatched reliability on electronic display boards in an international scale. 


Energy Savers & Appliance Protectors

High electrical cost and severe voltage fluctuations eventually damages the appliances – Innovatronix, standing by its commitment of better ideas, devised multiple solutions through efficient energy savers and appliance protectors. These products are designed for easy use, coupled with significant functions that could spell big savings, while protecting the environment with proper energy utilization.


Photography Gear & Accessories

Innovatronix photography equipment makes up of the export business. Exporting to over 80 countries worldwide, catering to the needs of photographers and imaging professionals – whether shooting in the studio or on-location, indoor or outdoor set up.


Tronix Imaging

The only group of imaging centers that offers fast, quality, and affordable service concept. This proved to be highly appreciated by most customers even with increasing competition in the business nowadays.

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