Tronix Explorer XT3



  • Output Voltage (Depending on Model): 230V/50Hz | 115V/60Hz
  • Power Output/Power Capacity: 800watts (1000VA)
  • Current: 3.4A
  • Waveform: Pure sine wave



Innovatronix Inc. announces the debut of its latest product, Tronix Explorer XT3, at WPPI 2012 Trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 20th.

The Tronix Explorer XT3 is the ultimate battery pack among the Tronix Explorer line, rated at 800W (continuous) and 2400Ws (instantaneous) power draw. With recycle time as fast as that of the wall socket, it gives the maximum power to do photo shoot outdoors or on-location while using high-powered monoblocks, including those from the top lighting brands.

With a sleek yet built-like-a-tank design that’s roughly the size and weight of the Explorer XT SE, The Tronix Explorer XT3 gives you the power to go big. Make a long day photo shoot even with the combination of high-powered bi-voltage flashes or multiple analog or digital monoblocks. With wider compatibility and long hour battery life, never let lack of access to a wall outlet stop you from doing photo shoot outdoors.

Tronix Explorer XT3 produces a clean, pure sine wave output (115V or 230V). Similar to other Tronix Explorers, it uses an autovolt charging system (100V-240V) and 14V car battery charging feature which allows you to charge it anywhere in the world. It makes more convenient for photographers who are always on the go.

It uses maintenance free, valve regulated, two (2) pcs. of 12V/9Ah SLA batteries, and equipped with an auxiliary (external) battery port for Tronix Auxiliary Pack or a similar external battery pack which allows you to extend more hours of photo shoot. It is also plug and play with convenient LED lights for indicator for power, battery charge level, and charging status. It also has two (2) sockets which can accommodate plugging multiple studio lights using a multistrip. The Explorer XT3 system weighs 12 kilos (26lbs).

With a bigger array of compatibility with bi-voltage, digital and analog monoblocks or flashes, even power packs that no other battery packs can offer at sub-800USD price point.

The introduction of the Tronix Explorer XT3 for the on-location and outdoor photography application is another significant milestone in the ongoing roll out of Innovatronix’s global strategy to promote its top class battery pack. Designed specially to cater the growing demand of photographers who uses high-powered monoblock & power packs during their photo shoot, this signifies a new dawn for photographers to love outdoor and on-location shots more than they have imagined before.

Be superior. Go out and let your imagination run wild to shoot in locations you’ve never thought of. Innovatronix’s Tronix Explorer battery packs are now sold to over 100 countries worldwide.

Check out Tronix Explorer XT3 (and other Tronix Photo Gears) at Booth 1351, WPPI 2012, MGM Grand, Las Vegas from Feb 20 to 22, 2012.

Weight 13 kg

115V/60Hz (Nema Socket), 230V/50Hz (Schuko Socket), 230V/50Hz (Universal Socket)


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