Innovatronix SureScore 2 Portable Wireless Basketball Scoreboard ( Patent number : 2-2016-000509 )


The First and Only Wireless Scoreboard that uses regular LED TV (User-provided) as Main display and Shot Clock Display.  You can have a display as big as you want !  

Almost 0% Installation Cost !


Features :

Wireless UHF Connection

Battery-powered main controller. Can also be powered using MicroUSB charger or powerbank.

Up to 7 hours continuous use from single full charge

With Wireless Air Horn

Customizable Team Names

Whole set will be shipped via FedEx with tracking number

Patent number : 2-2016-000509

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The MOST INNOVATIVE Basketball Scoreboard in the World Right Now !


What’s in the box?

1 x Main Controller

1 x Sub-Controller

3 x Display Receiver

3 x HDMI Cable

3 x Antenna for Display Receivers

1 x Wireless Air Horn

1 x Power Cable

4 x MicroUSB Chargers

1x SureScore 2 User’s Guide

1 x Carrying Bag


The Scoreboard Main Controller controls the scores, timer, shot clock and the buzzer/horn. The front panel of the controller has seven-segment displays to easily operate the system.

The 3 Display Receivers with HDMI cables and Antennas for main scoreboard and shot clock preferably placed on the back of LED display monitor

The external Sub-Controller for Start, Stop, Shot Clock Reset, and 14-Second Reset

The Wireless Air Horn provides a louder sound suited for a wide-area court.

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 34 × 29 × 34 cm


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