Tronix EVO3: Photo Printing Machine

15 June 2005

Tronix Evo3: A new photo printing machine

Tronix EVO3

Innovatronix now releases the TRONIX EVO3 –a photo-processing machine that can accept and process digital images at a very affordable cost. This comes in a fully engineered machine that can print quality pictures right from your customers' fingertips – cheap yet convenient, fast-and-easy way.

Tronix Evo 3 sells at around 10% of the price of similar machines in the market today – in fact it is comfortably priced at USD 8000+. But the Tronix Evo 3 not only sells for its very competitive price but for the performance it can deliver. With features such as high-speed photo printing (300 prints per hour); accepts several media (memory card, CD, Bluetooh, IR. Etc); prints multiple copies of selected pictures in one processing and others – you will definitely consider the Tronix Evo3 advantage.

Using the Evo3 is as easy as printing pictures from a computer to a printer. Have your digital media storage; use the user-friendly menus of the system software and wait for your pictures to be dispensed in the printing kiosk within a few seconds.

The machine is initially available for distribution in the Philippines by September 2005. Tronix Evo3s are currently used by over 100 Tronix Imaging Centers – the digital photo studio business unit of Innovatronix.

For more information, please send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at +63 2 661 4108. 

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