Summer is already here and that only mean two things: Scorching heat and unlimited fun. 


This summer break able kids (and kids at heart) enjoy non stop activities under the sun. A season that is not only for families to enjoy, but for the whole community too, as various summer activities sponsored by private companies and local governments are hosted from left to right. From sports camp, swimming lessons, to street games and party, summer is indeed synonymous to happiness here in the Philippines.


All would agree that highlight of the season will always be the Barangay Basketball League. With children of all ages, grown up men and women, vie for a friendly battle for bragging rights and food blow out. This basketball league never fails to hype the crowd, accompanied with the neighborhood cheering squad, funny announcer spiels, a very loud buzzer, and a large, bright scoreboard to keep track of the play. The excitement that fills the court is even extended until the night falls. 


sakto sa laro


Back then, most of the Barangay Basketball League are so small, that they settle with manual scoring, complete with chalk and blackboard, but due to the advancement of technology and increasing interest of the community, the requirement went higher, parallel with the expectation and attention that these mini leagues are getting. Government officials now opt to sponsor full package basketball systems, with large score, team foul, and period display with included shot clock and controller. Its an entire package that thrills the whole community, and a smart investment for it can be used for various activities asiede from basketball al throughout the year -- without deteriorating.


Deliver happiness!

Have your Barangay installed with Electronic Basketball Scoreboard this summer NOW!

What's New

  • ACT20 II : A Chill Update

    ACT20 II : A Chill Update


    Tronix front liner, Aircon Timer 20 gets a millenial revamp.


    As a brand that has been around for more than a decade, Tronix ACT20 never fails to deliver expected results and reliable performance – and even better, because ACT20 is now controllable with any remote!

    Aircon Timer 20 version II (ACT20 II) is now remote control operated! Use ANY existing remote control in adjusting the timer. Remote for TV, digital cable box, DVD players and other appliances are acceptable with almost no compatibility issue. The best thing is, it is still equipped with power on delay feature to protect the unit from harmful power surges. 


    Innovatronix Inc. continues to modernize what is already modern, standing by the roots of providing better ideas for 27 years now.

    The new ACT 20 II retails at Php 1,590, available in Lazada, Ace Hardware, Handyman Do It Best and across Tronix Imaging Centers nationwide!


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