Capturing the Beauty of Spanish Colonial Era Houses

Capturing the Beauty of Spanish Colonial Era Houses

The Philippines boasts some of the most breathtaking sceneries in the world that would excite any photographer. The country's geographic location makes very diverse tourist destinations. Although the landscapes are what thrill most travelers, there are some attractions that feature something other than scenery. These little known places may not be as visually beautiful, but are equally mystifying. These places have years and years of history in its aged but sturdy foundations. It is a wonder how these wooden planks have remained intact. Not knowing when the next misfortune will hit and will endanger their memories. Hence, the important task of capturing the beauty of these places is left to photography.

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, located in town of Bagac, Bataan, is a surreal step back to the times when streets were made of cobblestones and houses were built with brick. The best part about the little town is that the houses that are in it were collected from different parts of the Philippines. Plank by plank, these houses were rebuilt to make up the historical portal that is Acuzar.

The Innovatronix/SLR Team has picked the perfect spot to test the newest Tronix Explorer model: the Tronix Explorer XT SE. The photographers traverse in amazement at the majesty of the houses. Since these houses have been through so much, every grain and texture needs to be captured. It's a good thing the team has come prepared with all the photography equipment to capture Acuzar's magic. One vital piece of equipment rests steadily on one of the photographer's shoulders. The Explorer XT. Let there be light in the century old houses of Acuzar!

The Old Houses

The huge brick houses were the centerpiece of the classical town. It only made perfect sense that it was where the shoot should take place. As the photo shoot kicked off, one thing stood out: the color of brick looked magnificent when properly lighted. The main objective was to give a lively effect to the image, to relive the more glorious days of the house when farmers were delivering their daily harvest to the upper echelon landowners.

The Living Room

The living room or Sala is one of the most important parts of the house. Each one is unique and reveals a bit of the character of the family living there. Unlike the living areas of today, the decorations and furniture of the olden times had exquisite craftsmanship. The team didn't want to miss any of the fine details, from the carpet to the gorgeous ceiling, but getting the brooding feel of the scene was equally important. They opted to dim the lighting a bit to get a more classy feel. The outlet was on the other side of the room but that wasn't much of a problem, with the Explorer XT SE providing portable power.

The Statues of the Saints

Something that can never be amiss from houses of this era. Although the ceiling decoration's intricacy was jaw-dropping, Sto Nino and company steal the show effortlessly. We opted to let natural light fall on the spacier side of the room to give an afternoon feel to the image. The lighting setup displays how devout Filipinos are, giving accent to the religious relics.

The Regal Bedroom

The day ends with a nostalgic look at what our parents and grandparents might have come home to after a long day. The team added some light here and there to bring out the colors in the room. As darkness comes and devours the century old houses in the town, the Innovatronix/SLR team ends another successful shoot, tired but fully satisfied. Not only have the Acuzar houses been frozen in time in our photos, the Explorer XT SE worked perfectly throughout the 10-hour shoot.

Gear List

Special thanks to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar and Samahan ng mga Litratista sa Rizal (SLR Camera Club)

Lifted from Tronix Photo Equipment Blog, May 2010  

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