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Tronix Explorer Compatibility Chart

Tronix Explorer Compatibility Chart


Before making any purchase, please check the compatibility of your monoblock/flash unit with the any of the following Tronix Explorer Models. Use this chart as your guide (or watch official videos from Innovatronix, or contact us or our authorized dealers).


Flash Unit/Monoblock/Monolight Compatibility and Lighting Set-up

Lighting Set Up Tronix Explorer Model
Exp  XT3

Exp Mini/ Exp 500Li

Exp XTSEExp  XT Exp 1200

Plug in up to three (3) bi-voltage monolights/flash unit at full power

Example: Three (3) Elinchrom BXRI


Plug in up to two (2) bi-voltage monolights/flash unit at full power

Example: Two (2) Elinchrom BXRI


Plug in up to one (1) bi-voltage monolight/flash unit at full power

Example: One (1) Elinchrom DLITE IT


Plug in multiple regular analog monolight/flash unit at full power

Example: Four (4) Photogenic PL750


(***For Elinchrom monolights,units with firmware r2.0 and above, multiple compacts can be plugged in with Explorer XT SE, Mini. For firmware below 2.0, only one is recommended).


Flash BrandModel  Tronix Explorer Model
  Exp XT3Exp Mini/ Exp 500LiExp XTSEExp XTExp 1200
AlienbeesB400/ B800/ B1600  YYYYY
 ABR800   YY
 Einstein E640  YYY
 Zeus 1250  YYY-
Aurora Lite BankFusion Plus/ RF300/ 600/ 900/ 1200  YYYY-
 Fusion/ F300/ 600/ 900/ 1200  YYYY-
 Genesis/ G400/ 800  YYYY-
 Camray/ C300  YYYYY
 Forresto FT100  YYYYY
 Orion 200/400  YYYYY
Aikiphoto Yake300/600  YYYYY
BalcarJazz 350, 750, 1500   Y Y YYY
 Balcar A2400, Starfish 1600ws   Y Y YYY
 Classsic 350, 750, 1500   Y Y YYN
 Starflash 1200/1600   Y Y YYN
BowensEsprit 125/250/500/1000/   Y Y YYN
 Esprit Gemini 200/25/500/750  Y Y YYN
 Esprit GM Digital 750 Pro  Y - NNN
 Esprit GM Digital 250/500  Y Y YNN

Esprit Digital DX250/ DX500/




 Gemini 500R  Y - NNN
 Gemini 200/400  Y Y YNN
 Monolite 400e, 750 Special  Y Y YYY
 Prolite 41/82/100/120  Y Y YYN
Britek Pro-750/ Pro-500  Y Y  Y YY

HS-2000/ HS-1500/ HS-1000/

HS-600/ HS-500



 PS-200H/ PS-300H  Y Y YYY
 BB200  Y Y YYY


BroncolorMinicrom 40/80 RFS  Y Y YNN
 Minicrom 160  Y Y YNN
 Miniplus C200  Y Y YNN
 Senso A2/ A4  -- -NN
 Scoro A4S/ A2S / A4 / A2  -- -NN
 Grafit A2 / A4 RFS  --   -  NN
 Verso A2 / A4 RFS  -- -NN
 Topas A2 / A4 RFS  -- -NN

Mobil A2R



-- -NN
CalumetTravelite 750  YY YYY
 Genesis 200  YY YY


 Genesis 400  YY YNN
Comet1200w  YY YY


CY-KCY-K Serioes  YY ---
Dyna-Lite500wi/ 1000wi (power pack)  Y--NN
 1000ER/ 2000ER (power pack)  YYYYY
 1000XR  YYYYN
 800e  YYYYY
 M1000e, M1000er  YYYYY

Uni250R, Uni400JR (monolight,

AC models only)




**M1000DR, M1000WI, M1000,

M1000x, M500



ElfoMicro Pro 250  YYYYN
Elinchrom100FX/ 400FX  YYYYN
 100BX/ 400BX  YYYNN
 600RX/ 1200RX  YYYYN
 D-lites 2/4  YY***YYY
 D-lites 2/4 IT  YYYYY
 300S/ 600S/ 1200S  YYYYY
 300/ 600  YYYYY
 Classic EL 500/ EL 1000  YYYYY
 EL 200ws Portalite  YYYNN
 BXRi 250/ 500  YY***YNN
 BXRi 250/ 500 (new models)  YYYNN
 BRX 250/500  YYY--
 Dlite RXOne/ RX2 / RX4  YYY--
 ELC 500/1000 Pro  NNN--
 Micro 750 BI  YNNNN



Studio Flash System, 2-stop

control panel



 SS110/ SS150 and SS200  YYYYY
 SS200T and SS300T  YYYYY

GN150MV/ GN200MV and





GN300AD/ GN450AD/





LL300/ LL600/ LL900 and





LL300/ LL600/ LL900D and





TE300 Digital/ 400 Digital/ 500

Digital/ 600 Digital/ 900 Digital/ 1200 Digital




FE 500




Studio Flash SS-150D/200D/250D


Studio Flash SS-350HD


Studio Flash SS-300A/400A/600A/900A/1200A


Studio Flash TF301/TF401/TF601


Studio Flash GL300D/GL400D/GL600D/GL800D




FlashpointFlashpoint II 620 Monolight  YYYYY
Interfit150i/ 300i  YYYYY
 500s/ 1000s  YYYYY
 Stellar 600X  YYNNN
 Combo 700/ Combo 1200  YYYYY
HenselIntegra 500 Monolight  YYYYY
 Integra 500 Pro Plus  YYYNN
 Expert 500 Pro Plus  YYYNN
 eFlash  YYYY-
LinkstarFS200D and FS300D  YYYYY

LF250A/ LF300A/ LF400A/




 LF600A/ LF750A/ LF1000A  YYYYY
 LL300/ LL600/ LL900 and LL 1200  YYYYY
 MT160G / MT150GU / MT250D  YYYYY
 DL350D / DL500D  YYYY-
 LF250D / LF500D / LF750D / LF1000D  YYY--




SD600/400/250  YYYYY
JinbeiMillenium 250Ws/ 500Ws  YYYYY
 Jinbei Pilot 800A  YYYYY
 D-180 Delicacy  YY---
 QQ Series  YY---
 DP (Digital Pioneer) Series  YY---
 MSN (old series)  YY---
 MSN (new series)  -N---
 DPIII Series  YY---
 DPsII Series  YY---
 DM2 Series  YY---
 Spark Series  YY---
JTLVersalight 200/ 300/ 500/ 800  YYYYY

Versalight D 300/ D 500/ D 800/

D 1000


 Versalight J160/ J110  YYYYY
 Mobilight 200/ 300  YYYYY

Next Generation Series (power packs

and flash heads)


 Signature Series (power packs and flash heads)  YYYYY
MicroProMicroPro  YY---
MultiblitzProfilux 400, 600  YYYYY
 Mini Studio 252/ 402  YYYYY
NormanML 600/ 600 R  YYYYN
 800 superlite  YYYYY
 P800D/800 superlite  YYYYY
 Allure DP320/ Allure C1000  YYYYY
NovatronM300/M500  YYYYY
 D1000/ D1500  YYY--
 V240D/ V400D/ V600D  YYYYN

Powerlight 1250 DR/ 500 DR/

100 DR

 PL750/ PL1250  YYYYY
 PL06 (600ws)  YYYY 
 Studiomax II AK320B/ AK 320  YYYYY
 Studiomax II AK160B/ AK 160  YYYYY
 Studiomax III 320 B  YYYY-
 Photogenic 1500  YYYY-
PhotoflexStarflash 150/ 300  YYYYY
ProfotoCompact 300/ 600  YYYYY
 Compact 300R/600R*  YYYNN
 Acute 600e  YYYYY
 Acute 2  YYYYN
 Acute 2R 1200  YYYYN
 Generator D1 250/ 500/ 1000  YYY-



D1 500 Air


 *Not recommended for PocketWizard units

Pro SeriesPro Series  YYYYY
Qihe200/ 500  YYYY-
Red DragonT-1000  YYYY-
RichterRichter Star 250/ 500/ 750  YYYYY
Rime LiteFame 6/ 4/ 2  YYYYY
 Lime 8/ 6/ 4  YYYY-
 XB Prime 500  YYYYY



Flashlite 300ix/ 200ix  YYYYY
SP (by BKA)

Excalibur SP1600C Compact

Excalibur 3200/ 6400

Strobo-ProHE-A, HE-B and HE-F Series  YYYNN
 XZ-D series  YYYNN

SP Studio System 1600


SpeedotronForce series/ Force 10***  YYYNN

(Digital with analog power ratio



Speedotron 1205, 2403cx

 Brown Line  YYYYY
 Black Line  YYYYY
VisatecSolo Series  YYYYY

Visio/ Koyo


Visio 600/ 1000/ 1600/ 2400  YYYYY
VenditusStudioblitz L-500A  YYYYN
WalimexCY350/ 450  YYYY-
WestcottStrobelite Plus  YYYYY
 Spiderlite TD5 (Studio Strobes)       



X800/ X1600/ X3200  YYYYY
 Ultra 600/ Ultra 1800  YYYYY
 UZ800/UZ1600  YYYYY
 WL10000, WL Ultra 1200  YYYYY


Innovatronix Inc Customer Satisfaction Guarantee & Warranty:

Customers enjoy the 30-day satisfaction guarantee where the customers can return the product for a full refund if they are not satisfied with the product and a one-year warranty, where they can return the product for service repair or replacement at costs charged to Innovatronix (except for cases of customer misuse and negligence, and other related cases).

(Subject to General Terms & Conditions)



  • "Y" mark means it is compatible or YES. "N" mark means it is not compatible or NO. " - "mark denotes no data/inconclusive test results yet/not yet tested.
  • Tests are conducted with one (1) monolight per unit of Explorer 1200/XT/XT SE/Mini/XT3, tested up to full power, unless otherwise specified. For Explorer XT3 , both models are tested to work with at least two (2) monolight even at full power. For powerpacks, if the recycling time goes above 15 seconds, it is no longer recommended battery pack and power pack set up.
  • All analog flashes are compatible with all the Tronix Explorer models, except for a few listed monolights that are not compatible with Tronix Explorer 1200. Digital and bi-voltage units are recommended for Tronix Explorer Mini, XT SE and XT3.
  • Dynalite/Speedotron Power Pack - Due to conflicting and inconclusive customer reports, unless listed above, contact us to verify the power pack's compatibility.
  • If your monolight/powerpack is not listed, contact us to verify its compatibility.


Voltage (product model) and Country compatibility

115V/60Hz Model –USA, Canada, Mexico, Central American countries, Japan, Taiwan

230V/50 Hz Model – Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia and Pacific


Other Equipment/Devices Compatibility

Desktop printers, laptops and computers, battery chargers, lamps are OK. Please note that continuous loads drain the battery much faster. DO NOT use any of the Tronix Explorer products in powering up appliances such as microwave ovens, electric ovens, etc.


Customer Satisfaction Guarantee & Warranty

Customers enjoy the 30-day satisfaction guarantee where the customers can return the product for a full refund if they are not satisfied with the product and a one-year warranty, where they can return the product for service repair or replacement at costs charged to Innovatronix (except for cases of customer misuse and negligence, and other related cases).


Updated: as of 10 January 2015