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Rafaelito and Cecille Castillo, Cainta, Rizal

"The Evo3 was a very ideal partner to our business. With imaging and photoprinting in the same line of business, it was very easy for us to absorb the concept. The EVO3 software is very easy to operate. Our clerks as well as our customers have an easy time operating it. With the Tronix EVO3, our sales increased. It was really a business boom," recounted Mrs. Castillo. "For first-time entrepreneurs like us, the Evo 3 was really a very good venture. In less than a year, we were able to recover our investment."

Rafaelito and Cecille Castillo

Batin's Imaging Center

Cainta, Rizal Philippines

Manuel Abalde, Cagayan de Oro City

"In the last 5 months that we're in the business, the Tronix EVO3 has created a great impact. It can be a stand-alone business specially if it is positioned in a good location. Since the machine is easy to operate and user-friendly, it gives us a higher profit margins. The Tronix EVO3 also requires a small space, thus you do not need to have a big store. You can even have it as an add-on income generating unit to your existing business."

Manuel Abalde


Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

Ging Roslin, Ermita, Manila

"It is the first of its kind in the country and for new entrepreneurs like us, we found the EVO3 worth the investment. I'm not really knowledgeable at first but Innovatronix was able to help us. We were trained well so we can manage the business efficiently."

Ging Roslin


Ermita, Manila, Philippines

What's New

  • ACT20 II : A Chill Update

    ACT20 II : A Chill Update


    Tronix front liner, Aircon Timer 20 gets a millenial revamp.


    As a brand that has been around for more than a decade, Tronix ACT20 never fails to deliver expected results and reliable performance – and even better, because ACT20 is now controllable with any remote!

    Aircon Timer 20 version II (ACT20 II) is now remote control operated! Use ANY existing remote control in adjusting the timer. Remote for TV, digital cable box, DVD players and other appliances are acceptable with almost no compatibility issue. The best thing is, it is still equipped with power on delay feature to protect the unit from harmful power surges. 


    Innovatronix Inc. continues to modernize what is already modern, standing by the roots of providing better ideas for 27 years now.

    The new ACT 20 II retails at Php 1,590, available in Lazada, Ace Hardware, Handyman Do It Best and across Tronix Imaging Centers nationwide!


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