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Alec Watson, Digital Media Artist

"I am a commercial photographer in Seattle and travel broadly for my advertising work. I ordered an Explorer Mini to run a Profoto D1 and am THRILLED with working with it. I just need things to work, but more than price, 25lbs seemed like a travel issue for me. I generally don't need to take 500 shots. 100 shots is more than enough. And the thought of having a couple of minis so I could split my lights up without running cables appealed to me."

Alec Watson
Digital Media Artist

Brian McCleary of JadePhotography of Arizona

The Tronix Explorer 1200 works excellent!!!! I have used it on 20-30 photo shoots and I have had the unit just about everywhere, down in the Grand Canyon Mountain tops and it always works, power is right on the mark and all my
equipment works great with it.

Thanks for keeping in touch, thanks for all your help, I am your dedicated customer from now on!!!

Brian McCleary, Arizona

Marco Zamponi, San Paolo, ITALY

Actually, I've been using the unit a lot of time since it was delivered and I was able to obtain more than 250 flashes from 2 Multiblitz Profilux 400W, great results and great value for money.

I was so satisfied that i really "spammed" the goodness of the unit across my colleagues, and probably I will purchase 3/4 unit more in the next weeks.

Marco Zamponi
Photographer, ITALY

Vinson Lim, Edmonton AB CANADA

As a photographer. Convenience, portability and price are always a concern. Up until the day I found out about Innovatronix. My last power pack which costed me well over $1200 was too expensive and a real pain to have repaired or replaced.

Needless to say...my very expensive power pack had died out on me after only a eighteen months. The time it took to replace and deal with customer service, I was already a couple months behind on my shoots. That was something I had a hard time dealing with.

One day, I was talking to another photographer who was listening to my complaints about my problems and he got me to check out a portable power solution from Innovatronix. I was skeptical at first as I had never heard of the company, but I can honestly say after purchasing their unit, and dealing with customer service. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with them, the prices can't be beat and their friendly and timely customer service is next to none. Innovatronix really does have a family of great, kind people working there. That alone is worth the purchase!!

Their units do a solid job of powering my strobes. The price/performance ratio is the best value for the money. There's no doubt that Innovatronix is an excellent value for the money, but most importantly, it is my first choice for portable power solutions and I highly recommend!

A+ rating for the units
A++ for their friendly and reliable customer service

Vinson Lim
Edmonton AB CANADA

Robert Wilkinson, Surrey, UK

"I am very happy with my Tronix Explorer and had the opportunity to use it again today on a shoot. It was a joy to use and enabled me to photograph with lights in a location that would have been very difficult to do without your product."

Robert Wilkinson
Surrey, UK

Matt Altaro, New Jersey USA

"Got it earlier than expected, in great packaging. Used it the next day for outdoor wedding portraits and they turned out perfect. Exactly what I was looking for!! I have recommended this awesome hidden secret to a lot of people already!

So many photographers in the industry are looking for this exact product and don't even know that it exists!! I searched for two years to cost effectively use my strobes outside and finally I can!!!"

Matt Altaro
Divided Eye Studios, LLC
New Jersey USA

Nick Bramwell, Photographer, Buckinghamshire UK

I have been so impressed by your product that I have decided to write a review and feature it on the hardware section of my website. Visit Nick Bramwell's Website and Hardware Review

Thanks again for a really useful bit of kit. It does exactly as you promise with the minimum of fuss.

Nick Bramwell
Buckinghamshire UK

Brian Parkes, Photographer, Farnborough Hants, UK

I had to use it last weekend at a wedding and the unit really saved my bacon as there was not a plug socket where I needed one!

I've been really pleased with the product and have made quite a point of telling fellow collegues at www.photographers.co.uk how good your customer service has been.

Not only is the Innovatronix Explorer 1200 a superb product that delivers on all its products, its backed up by one of, if not the best customer services teams I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I was a little bit wary about ordering a product from overseas at first as I wasn't sure what sort of support I would get if the product went wrong, after dealing with you I would order from you again without hesitation.

Keep up the good work!

Brian Parkes
Farnborough Hants UK

Dario Impini Photography

I've been using your lighting power pack and its been great. Being able to bring lights out into the field really opens up some possibilities. Its funny, when I have three lights on I can really hear the little thing groan trying to recharge the lights, but within a couple seconds its back up and churning away. Definitely worth the price --- thanks for developing and manufacturing that gizmo. I know it must have presented a few challenges to you but you did a good job. And I say that as an ex-electronics engineer.

Dario Impini Photography
Carmel, IN USA

Groeten van Bart, Photographer, Amsterdam NL

Sometimes things aren't too good to be true, they are just true.
The Explorer works well and I'm impressed by the battery stamina and still amazed that I can now just plug in my studio flashes outside. This totally changes my possibilities at a very reasonable price. Together with wireless radio triggers I'm totally unplugged now, which feels great. Highly recommended!

Bart Alexander de Puij
Amsterdam Netherlands

Jim Kelly, Photographer, Avon CO USA

The on usage I experienced produced results beyond my expectations...

Jim Kelly

Craig Huey, Photographer, Altamonte Springs, FL US

I have used the product extensively since my purchase, and am please with its performance. I haven't fully tested the recharge time, but the recycle time was efficient and I appreciate the portability. I've recommended the product in 2 different photography forums, and look forward to seeing new products from you as they come out. 

Dan Callis, Photographer, Halifax, Canada

"I'm very happy with the Tronix Explorer. Everything seems to be working exactly to your specifications. I was very impressed with the shipping speed to Canada as well as the emails I got from you answering any questions I had. I have been telling other photographers in my area and via the Internet about the great product, superb service and good price..."

Dan Callis

Robert Little, Photographer, Philadelphia PA USA

We use it a little different than most, we are powering our laptop and our router and power antenna for wireless transfer on location. We can now shoot all day and run this stuff with no problem. It has been a great solution for us. Thanks for a great product!...

Robert Little Photography

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    ACT20 II : A Chill Update


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    Aircon Timer 20 version II (ACT20 II) is now remote control operated! Use ANY existing remote control in adjusting the timer. Remote for TV, digital cable box, DVD players and other appliances are acceptable with almost no compatibility issue. The best thing is, it is still equipped with power on delay feature to protect the unit from harmful power surges. 


    Innovatronix Inc. continues to modernize what is already modern, standing by the roots of providing better ideas for 27 years now.

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