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Tronix SpeedFire

Tronix SpeedFire

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Most flash guns are now equipped with wireless remote control systems that they can also serve as studio flashes. When you are on your home/studio doing serious photography work or just practice shooting, you have to use tons of AAs or rechargeable battery sets if you are going to work for longer hours.

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With the new Tronix SpeedFire - you get away from battery depletion worries. The Tronix SpeedFire powers the flash guns directly through AC power or main/wall socket. It is an external power supply which converts AC power to high voltage DC power that connects to the flash gun's external power port. Since connected directly to AC, your flash gun will recycle faster (in less than 1 sec) and will give unlimited number of flashes.

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Example of Fast Action Sequence

Tronix Speedfire with Canon 580EX

Tronix SpeedFire

      • powers flash guns or small flashes directly from AC or wall socket, recycles in less than 1 second
      • plug and play feature, autovolt (100-240Vac)
      • makes battery life longer due to reduced strain
      • compatible with most Canon and Nikon flash guns (external camera flash with external power connections)
      • best recommended for home/studio or semi-permanent set up 

Operational Notes

      • The cable of the Tronix SpeedFire serves as the power switch for the output.
      • The Tronix SpeedFire provides power to the flash only. Other functions of the flash such as the LCD display and controls are powered by the internal batteries of the flash.
      • The Tronix SpeedFire allows the flash to fire full power flashes faster than normal and this may cause the flash's temperature to rise rapidly. Allow the flash to cool down for at least 10 minutes rest after firing 40 continuous full power flashes to avoid any damage to the flash.
      • It is recommended to replace the internal batteries of the flash when the recycling time exceeds three (3) seconds. 


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Flash Gun + Tronix SpeedFire Connection Diagrams

Flash Gun with External Battery Port Compatibility List

Flash Gun Compatibility List

Tronix SpeedFire for Canon Flash Guns

    • Canon 580EX2 / 580EX / 550EX / 540EX / 430EZ
    • Canon MR-14EX / MT-24EX
    • Canon 600-EX RT

Tronix SpeedFire for Nikon Flash Guns

    • Nikon SB900 / SB800 / SB80DX / SB28DX
    • Nikon SB28 / SB27 / SB26 / SB25 / SB24 / SB20 / SB11 / SB22

Tronix SpeedFire for Other Flash Guns

    • Nissin Di866 / Di866 Mark II
    • Yongnuo YN 560 / 560 II / 560 III 
    • Meike MK930

Product Advisory (June 2012): Multiple AC power sources

Product Advisory (Nov 2012): Cable Replacement and Compatibility with Double AC Power Sources

Product Features and Specifications:

Electrical Charateristics

    • Input Voltage:  100 to 240V
    • Output Voltage:  330Vdc
    • Output Current: 800mA (peak)
    • Output Power: 260W (peak)
    • Dimensions: 12.85cm x 7.45cm x 5.20cm
    • Weight 282.80 grams

Cord Lengths

    • Flash Connector (extended): 450cm
    • Flash Connector (unextended): 41cm
    • Limit of Extension: 300cm (due to limit of extension)

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Distribution & Pricing Differences

Tronix products are also available through a number of retailers in North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa and Asia Pacific. For direct importation, purchase at Innovatronix direct, otherwise, contact your dealer. In some countries, Tronix products are exclusively available on selected dealers. For more info, refer to Tronix dealers worldwide. Dealers prices, in most cases, are slightly higher from the prices posted in this website due to the fact that dealers pay Duty/Tax on product importation, product stocking and inventory and customary dealer margin.

After Sales: Product Guarantee & Warranty

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On buying any Tronix products, customers enjoy the 30-day satisfaction guarantee where they can return the product if they are not satisfied with their purchase for a full refund and a one-year warranty, where customers can return the product for repair service or replacement. For more info on product warranty, click here.


What's New

  • ACT20 II : A Chill Update

    ACT20 II : A Chill Update


    Tronix front liner, Aircon Timer 20 gets a millenial revamp.


    As a brand that has been around for more than a decade, Tronix ACT20 never fails to deliver expected results and reliable performance – and even better, because ACT20 is now controllable with any remote!

    Aircon Timer 20 version II (ACT20 II) is now remote control operated! Use ANY existing remote control in adjusting the timer. Remote for TV, digital cable box, DVD players and other appliances are acceptable with almost no compatibility issue. The best thing is, it is still equipped with power on delay feature to protect the unit from harmful power surges. 


    Innovatronix Inc. continues to modernize what is already modern, standing by the roots of providing better ideas for 27 years now.

    The new ACT 20 II retails at Php 1,590, available in Lazada, Ace Hardware, Handyman Do It Best and across Tronix Imaging Centers nationwide!


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