Zeal 2.0 (12Vdc Mini UPS)

Tronix Zeal

To ensure continuous power that will last at least 4 hours for a single typical router/modem during power interruptions or sudden power failures.

  • Input voltage : 12Vdc
  • Output voltage : 12Vdc and 5Vdc
  • Capacity : 26.4Whr
  • Transfer time : Approx. 0.01sec
  • Maximum output current : 2A
  • Battery low voltage protection : Yes
  • Battery overcharge protection : Yes
  • Battery Type : Lithium Ion
  • Dimension (LxWxH) : 13.5cmx7.5cmx5cm

Appliance Timer


Automatically turn off appliances with zero effort. The Tronix Appliance Timer works in three efficient ways;

  • It protects every appliance against harmful power fluctuations and surges by keeping appliance OFF.
  • Minimize unnecessary electrical charges, leaving the whole household worry-free and cost efficient.
  • Safeguard home against fire.

Ref Clock Saver

Ref Clock Saver

RCS is an electronic device that can generate a low-power consumption for refrigerators and improve the on-off cycle for a smoother temperature regulation.

The guaranteed savings is based on the preferred time setting and saving mode. This device can cut the refrigerator’s power consumption to almost half than the usual month use. This device is equipped with a power-on-delay feature.

Aircon Timer


The Tronix ACT 20 II is an electronic device that saves energy and protects appliances from power surge caused by brown out. AirCon units can be set to turn on from 1 to 9 hours or continues on. It has a fan outlet that turns on the electric fan when the timer lapses. It is recommended for window-type airconditioners rated 3HP below.

Automatic Night Light


Product Details of Tronix Automatic Night Light (ANL)

  • Heavy-duty sensor switch
  • It uses a light sensor switch
  • Very easy to use
  • Automatically turns on the light at night & turns off in the morning
  • Compatible up to 80 watts CFL and LED Lights
  • Product developed since 1995- Developed and Manufactured by Filipino Engineers
  • Input Voltage: 220 VAC
  • Max Loading Capacity: 80 watts CFL/ LED light

Power on Delay


Brownouts, power failures and severe voltage fluctuations can damage electronic appliances. The Tronix POD 10 device protects homes and offices by delaying electrical connection until the power stabilizes. Appliances with compressors, need atleast 2 minutes for their pressure to equalize.

This deviceis ideal for refrigerators, freezers, TV sets, audio systems and fax machines.

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