Tronix PortaSing Takes On Your Stardom Dream

Ever pretended to be a holywood singer in your own car ala James Corden’s renowed carpool karaoke? Adele, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey and One Direction did it – and we believe, you can too!

Introducing the country’s first multimedia distributing machine, controlled via smartphones – TRONIX PORTASING.

PortaSing is the ultimate multimedia player that let’s you sing karaoke, watch movies, and listen to mp3 music via mobile and LED display separately or at the same time, anywhere! Developed to be a versatile product that can bend over any requirement whether being wired or wireless, displays through phone or LED TV, and radio system or portable speakers options for sound. Indeed, it is the only thing you need for maximum entertainment.

Pour your heart out and sing that vein-struggling Chandelier by Sia, rock on with Sweet Child Of Mine or just chill with our very own OPM classics, that’ll be a spot on, four-chair turner! Not to mention that you are free to perform your chosen song in your own car, home, backyard, on the streets and practically everywhere you wanted to because of PortaSing’s hassle free set up, and lighweight built that comes with an easy-to-carry-around-bag.

Impressed? Then do not wait for long! Gather up your friends and family for a guranteed sold out makeshift concert of yours. Never mind if your tone deaf or cracked voice – We’re 100% sure you’ll do just fine, especially in outdoor parties and long drives that even Simon Cowell’s harsh criticisms won’t stand against your singing abilities.

Be the next Karaoke superstar in the making, with TRONIX PORTASING. 🙂

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