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Photographers will always have to face a situation of shooting outdoors. Most often, in locations where electricity is not always available and when natural light isn't just enough. Solutions to these problems, if you are going to bring your lighting equipment out on location, include long, unwieldy extension cables, gas-powered generators or inverters. Going with battery-powered inverter is the easiest and most flexible solution.

But, how you do you know which one, among the commercially available products in the market, is the smart choice? There are other inverters in the market today, which ranges from USD100 to USD1000, or in some cases, even more. Depending on the built or brand of your gear. But generally, some people are fine with something that just works flawlessly.

BTS Merged (Low Res)


Inverters convert the DC (direct current) from a battery source to an AC (alternating current). There are several types of inverters, and they differ on the voltage output. Some have the square wave, modified and the pure sine wave. But for photography lighting applications, pure sine wave inverters are a must. Since the electronics of the monoblocks (studio flash) or powerpacks are quite sensitive and complex, they need to be powered with a pure sine wave voltage input. In simple terms, a voltage output similar to what we get from our 110V or 220V convenience outlet. Otherwise, it will fry the electronics out or will have long-term ill-effects on the monoblocks or powerpacks.

This is where Tronix Explorer battery packs come in. Specially designed to power up flashes/monoblocks for on-location or outdoor photo shoots. 

Tronix Explorers feature key improvements such as increased power ratingwider compatibility with digital and bi-voltage monolights/flash unit systems, reliable inverter design giving a clean AC output (pure sine wave inverter). These battery packs give enough power, giving several hundreds (to thousands)* of pops at faster recycling times and compatibility to multiple bi-voltage monoblocks even at full power. (Depending on the Tronix Explorer Model).

Using the specially designed inverter technology and SLA battery combination, the new Tronix Explorer products are significant leaps from the previous product models. 

Tronix Explorer with Flashes (Low Res) 

      • XT3 115v60Hz 100x100Tronix Explorer XT3 - High Power and Fast Reaction - If you are the type of photographer that uses high-powered (800ws/1000ws+) flashes or powerpacks, and often, at full power settings. Or that you need faster recycling time to capture fast moving sequences - Tronix Explorer XT3 would be perfect for you. Rated at 800watts (continuous) and recommended up to 2400ws, it is the most powerful Tronix Explorer battery pack yet. Designed for powerful compacts/strobes, at fast recycle times (at full power, as fast as to wall socket recycling time). Tronix Explorer XT3 can power up more than 2 bi-voltage compacts/strobes. (For regular strobes (analog/digital), 6 to 8 units are OK). See video.
      • xtse 115v60hz 100x100Tronix Explorer XT SE - Mid Power and Flexibility - If you are working with low to mid power lighting settings, (occasionally at high power) and needs to capture more frames, then Tronix Explorer XT SE would be your ideal unit.Though it may not give the fast recycling time compared to Exp XT3, its recycling time is decent enough in most photo shoots. Rated at 350watts (continuous) and recommended up to 2400ws, it can give around 500 full power pops (for Elinchrom BXRI500). At lower power settings, it can give more pops at faster recycling times. The Explorer XT SE was designed to power up bi-voltage compacts. (For regular strobes (analog/digital), 6 to 8 units are OK). See video.
      • Mini 115v60Hz 100x100Tronix Explorer Mini - Quick and Easy - If you are off to a quick and easy photo shoot and requires a light battery pack power, then Tronix Explorer Mini would be your best bet. Rated at 400watts (continuous) and recommended up to 1200ws, and weighs around 5kg. Despite its small size, it packs the power with its ability to power up 1 or 2 mid-powered compacts/strobes, especially bi-voltage compacts. For a 500ws bi-voltage compact, such as an Elinchrom BXRI500, it can give around 180 to 200 full power pops. See video. Top reasons on choosing Tronix Explorer Mini.


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Tronix Explorer models are plug and play portable power solutions. With an auto volt-charging feature which accepts 100-240V and 14V car battery charging where an internal circuit converts the 12V/14V source to a 24. Battery power level indicators with beeper and charging indicators come in handy to monitor the user's power consumption and charging status making the Tronix Explorer very user-friendly. Safety features include thermal shutdown, overload circuit protection circuit, and battery charge level and charging indicators.

Why choose Tronix Explorer?

Which Tronix Explorer is best suited for you?

Why choose Tronix Explorer Mini?

Flash Unit/Monoblock/Monolight/Powerpack Compatibility Guide

Power Rating Comparison with other Battery Packs

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Exp XTSE Video

Exp Mini Video

Torture Test Video

Product Review




Technical Overview

FeatureExp XT3Exp XTSEExp MiniExp XTExp 1200
Product StatusNew ModelNew ModelNew ModelDiscontinuedDiscontinued
Power Rating (Continuous) 800watts350watts  400watts325watts150watts
Recommended up to  2400w/s2400w/s  1200w/s2400w/s1200w/s
WaveformPure sine wave Pure sine wave Pure sine wave Pure sine wavePure sine wave
Output Voltage























Input Voltage / Charging

100V to 240V

100V to 240V

100V to 240V*

100V to 240V

100V to 240V

Battery / Battery RatingSLA / 24V-9AhSLA / 24V-7Ah

SLA / 12V-9Ah

SLA / 24V-7Ah

SLA / 12V/12Ah

Weight 11.5kg/25.3lbs8.5kg /18.7lbs 

 5kg /11lbs

8.5kg /18.7lbs 

7.5 kg /16.5lbs 

Dimension 15x23x37cm  15x23x37cm

 25x19x8cm (I)

8x14x5cm (C)

Battery/Power Level IndicatorsYESYESYESYESYES
Overload Circuit ProtectionYESYESYESYESYES
Thermal Shutdown FeatureYESYESYESYESYES
Battery Charging IndicatorYESYESYESYESYES
Option for Auxiliary Battery PackYESYESNOYESNO

General Compatibility

ParameterExp XT3     Exp XTSE     Exp Mini     Exp XT     Exp 1200     

Compatibility with bi-voltage Monolights             

(up to 4 units at full power)


Compatibility with bi-voltage Monolights

(up to 2 units at full power)


Compatibility with bi-voltage Monolights

(1 unit at full power)


Compatibility with Digital Monolights

(up to 4 units at full power)



Compatibility with Digital Monolights

(1 to 2 units at full power)


Compatibility with Analog Monolights

(6 to 8 units at full power)





      • A bi-voltage monolight has an input voltage of 90 to 240V compared to the single voltage flash which is either 110V OR 230V. Depending on the design of the monolight, it can automatically detect the voltage source or locks at the voltage source it detected upon powering up.
      • Check for your monolight/flash firmware, if applicable. For example, for Elinchrom monolights/flashes with firmware r2 and above, Tronix Explorer XTSE can support two (2) flashes at full power. 
      • Popular bi-voltage monolights include Elinchrom BXRIs, Elinchrom DLite flashes. 

Performance Overview

Performance Overview: Number of Pops and Recycling Time

Monolight/Flash Load (Average)Exp XT3       Exp XTSE     Exp Mini    Exp XT       Exp 1200    

@200ws (# of pops, recycling time) 

800-1000 / <1sec   800-1000/ 1sec 400 / <1sec 800+/ 2sec ~900/2sec

@500ws (# of pops, recycling time)

~500 / <1sec  500+ / ~3sec ~200 / 1sec500+/3sec  500+/4sec
@600ws (# of pops, recycling time)  250-350 / <1sec400 / 3-4sec 120+ / 1-2sec 400/~4sec 400+/6sec 
@1000ws (# of pops, recycling time)  180-220 / ~1sec 220 / >4sec 80+ / ~3sec 


@1200ws (# of pops, recycling time)   130-160 / ~2sec160+ / ~5sec 50+ / 4sec200+/ 5sec200+/~10sec 
@2400ws (# of pops, recycling time)  60+/~3sec 70+ / ~6-8 sec  NA70+/~6-8sec NA 

The convenience, reliability and value for money that Tronix Explorer battery packs boast would be reason enough to bring the equipment wherever a photographer travels and goes for work, and neds it most.



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Where to Buy?

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Product Reviews


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